Monsoon Special Package

The moist qualities of monsoon help soften and ripen the seven tissues of the body during the preparatory phase of panchakarma involving snehana(oil application) and swedana(steam treatments).  When the tissues are well prepared soft, moist and pliable the Ayurvedic techniques used for eliminating toxins and excess doshic energies from the body and mind are accomplished easily, effortlessly, and completely.

But best of all is the natural invitation monsoon bring us to surrender our excesses and our toxins. To let everything flow-let everything go-in our transformative panchakarma process.


Packages Available - 7 days / 14 days / 21 days / 28 days

Includes combination of any two or three of the following therapies which last for about two-three hours every day depending upon the body condition of the guest

Abhyanga (Medicated herbal oil massages)
Stream bath
Internal Herbal Medicines

Package Includes:

Mangalore International Airport Pick up & drop
Initial Consultation with Ayurveda Doctor and daily follow up consultation
All Ayurvedic Meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Supper) & herbal drinks
Advice on Diet & Lifestyle Management
Ayurveda Therapies – Customized for each client.
Free medicines during treatment period
Yoga (once a day - Yogasanas, Breathing, Meditation and Relaxation)
Beauty Therapies.