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1. What makes our Ayurveda Centres unique and different from spas and resorts around the world?
  • We are situated in a quiet place with neighborhood far from the pressures of the modern world and the amenities make for a basic but comfortable Ashram-like environment.
  • Originally conceptualized in 2002 by Dr. Sreedhar Rao, Qualified and Internationally experienced Ayurvedic medical professional with more than 19 years experience to spread his healing touch and professional management.
  • We are a residential Ayurvedic medical facilities that is the one of its kind in the world.
  • We are a model for holistic living, and not just a healing centre.
  • Doctors from Ayurvedic medicine do the consultations and monitor the treatments, which are done by well-trained therapists.
  • Consultants from any speciality of Ayurveda may be called in as required, and treatments done in consultation with them.
2. Is Ayurveda centre like a Spa?
    The Ayurveda centre is quite different to a Spa or resort, but a Traditional Healing Centre, a retreat - an Ayurveda Ashram and Clinic, dedicated to providing a nurturing environment for healing and learning. A Spa provides you well being with an indulgent external environment to help relax and feel good. The facilities of the Ayurveda centre are combined with extensive Ayurveda medicinal features to provide a comprehensive system of healing aimed at the total well being of the individual. The Ayurveda Sanctuary aims at healing the body, mind and spirit with authentic herbal medicine, different kinds of medicinal massages, yoga and other therapies with the objective of lasting well being and treating specific illnesses.
3. Is Ayurveda centre like a hospital?
    The Ayurveda centre is a ideal place for personalized wellness holidays - with all the facilities that go into a comfortable and enjoyable healthy vacations. It provides the correct environment to engage in the healing that comes from within. The focal point is the Ayurvedic specialized health centre with all the facilities of a Hospital, that is required to provide authentic ayurveda treatment. The Ayurveda centre has qualified and internationally experienced Ayurvedic doctors, therapists and other staff. The Ayurveda centre also provides facilities of a well equipped Ayurvedic Hospital.
4. What Wellness Packages are available?
      We have several Wellness Packages like
    • Stress Relief, Weekend Detox
    • Stress Management
    • 3 days Serious Detox
    • 5 days Detox Retreat
    • Panchakarma (Detoxification)
    • Rasayana (Rejuvenation Treatment)
    • Stress Management
    • Weight Reduction
    • Arthritis & Spondylitis
    • Chronic Skin Diseases
    • Lifestyle Disease Management
    • Sinusitis & Migraine
    • Yoga & Meditation
        Though they are packages they are customized for each person.
5. What Medical Ayurvedic Programmes are available?
    We design Medical Ayurvedic Programmes for any condition. The person would have to go through a detailed Ayurvedic Health Evaluation with our doctor which would last for about 1 hour and only then would the treatment programme be designed. Initially we let you know what we can do and how long it would take.
6. Are there non-residential packages?
    No. However, there may be non-residential follow-up treatments for those who have previously taken a residential programme here.
7. What kind of treatments will I receive?
    You can choose whichever Wellness Package you like and the treatments mentioned will be given to you according to the treatment hours in a day. Treatments will be all customized even if it is a set Package.
  • If however you want to address a medical Ayurvedic issue when you have initially opted for a Wellness Package, this can be done after an Ayurvedic Health Evaluation with the doctor. Changes in the treatment programme will then be made.
  • If you are here on a Medical Ayurvedic Programme then the treatment programme will be designed after the Ayurvedic Health Evaluation with the doctor. The treatment programme will integrate different Therapies based on the person's needs.
8. What is the best time to visit?
  • Option 1: Climatically best time to visit here is October to February
  • Option 2: If you are not too touristy, March to September is better because from April tourist season ends.
    Monsoon is from June to August, according to Ayurveda this is the best time for Ayurvedic detoxification(Panchakarma) treatments
9. Do I need a passort and Visa for travel to India & Where do I get these?
    Yes, you need a passport and tourist visa for entry into India before your flight.  Depending on your country of origin, passports can take up to 16 weeks to process, so apply early if you need a passport.It's wise to apply for your visa early. A visa can usually be had within a week's time from your nearest India High Commission/Embassy/consulate.If you need to extend your visa you need to make an application to the government and we can help you do this.
10. Is travel insurance necessary?
    We strongly recommend that you protect yourself with travel insurance for airfare and programme costs. You can ask your travel agent, or check out an insurer such as TravelGuard for low cost insurance.
11. What about immunizations?
    Make an appointment with your doctor or clinic to confirm that you are up to date on any needed immunizations. Explain that you are traveling to South India. Some immunizations and prophylactics commonly prescribed for travel to Northern India, such as preventative malaria medicine, are NOT recommended for travel to South India.
12. Do I need to change any money to Indian Rupees?
    We would recommend that you change some of your money into Indian Rupees. Most of the shops accept Indian Rupees and it is better to take some travelling money as Indian Rupees.
13. Are the transfers included in the package price?
    Yes, all 21 & 28 days package price will include a return transfer to the Ayurveda Sanctuary from Mangalore International Airport.
14. Will I be met at the airport?
    If you opt for 21 or 28 days package, you will be met at the Mangalore International Airport regardless of when you arrive.Our representatives will help your transfer to the Ayurveda centre.
15. How can I reach there?
  • The nearest airport to our Ayurveda centres is Mangalore International airport. It takes about 2.5 hrs to get to the Kerala Ayurveda centre and 2 hrs to Udupi centre, depending on the time of the day and traffic.
16. I would like to travel in India while I am there. What do you recommend?
    Best recommend that you finish your India travel and finish your stay at the Ayurveda Sanctuary as you can go back all recharged with health.
  •  If that is not possible, finish Ayurveda centre and take the rest of your India trip. Our travel desk could help you with arrangements.
  • You could take short trips whilst you are staying at the Ayurveda centre, but those on a Medical Ayurveda Programme travel is advised only when specific treatment protocols are complete otherwise it hampers the healing process. You will have to check this point with the doctor.
17. What kind of accommodation do you have?
    In our Kerala Centre, we have 16 guest rooms (6 AC Deluxe, 2 Non AC Deluxe and 8 standard rooms) with independent bath/western toilet for accommodation of guests along with other basic amenities.
    In our Karnataka Udupi Centre, we have 6 guest rooms (2 twin sharing and 4 single standard rooms) with independent bath/western toilet facility.
18. How many residential rooms do you have and how many can stay?
    We have a total of 16 rooms, so our maximum capacity is for 30 people in Kerala Centre and 5 rooms to accommodate 7 people at our Udupi Centre.
19. What amenities do your guest rooms have?
  • Single/Double beds
  • Clock
  • Hot & Cold Water
  • Hot & cold water Flasks and Water Glasses
  • Writing Table with one Chair
  • Candle stand with candles
  • Yoga Mat
  • Hair Dryer
20. How early do we book?
    Earlier the better in case of a longer stay.  Preferably a minimum of one week in advance for a shorter stay.
21. What are the booking terms?
  • For all packages upto 7 days confirmation of booking subject to receipt of 100% payment in advance for the package plan
  • For all packages of more than 8 days confimation of booking subject to receipt of 25% payment in advance for the package plan
22. How do I obtain a confirmation for my room reservation?
    Once you have decided on your package; and reservation is booked online and the advance payment is realized at our end , a confirmation will be e-mailed to you. If you book your reservation over the phone, please call (+91-7899062978) and a confirmation can be emailed to you.
23. How do I make changes to my package/room reservation?
    If booked with the Ayurveda centre, please call (+91-7899062978) for information about changes, requests, restrictions and cancellations.
24. What is your cancellation policy?
    Cancellation of confirmed booking will be treated as follows:
    1. No refund if cancellation is effected within 48 hours prior to check in date.
    2. 50% refund will be issued if cancellation is effected between 3 and 7 days prior to the check in date.
    3. 75% refund will be issued if cancellation is effected between 7 and 15 days prior to the check in date.
    4. 90% refund will be issued for all cancellation effected beyond 16 days
    5. No Show/Early Departure: No refund
25. Do you offer Internet services?
    Yes, high-speed Internet access is available(at nominal fee) when the there is no treatment (1 p.m to 3 p.m and 5 p.m to 7 p.m)