Rasayana (Rejuvenation Treatment)

Literally, rasayana means the augmentation of rasa, the vital fluid produced by the digestion of food. The aim of rasayana is not only to improve the quality of rasa ; but to provide the optimum quality to all the body tissues.It is the rasa flowing in the body which sustains life. Rasayana in Ayurveda is the method of treatment through which the rasa is maintained in the body. This is a specialized branch of clinical medicine meant for preventing the effect of ageing and to improve memory, intelligence complexion, sensory and motor functions. Numerous rasayana medicines are reported for possessing diversified actions like immuno-enhancement, free radical scavenging, adaptogenic or antistress and nutritive effect.

Depending upon the requirement and condition of the patient or specific individual the Rasayana therapy is broadly classified into Vatatapika and Kutipraveshika.  In Vatatapika patient is not need to be hospitalized and can continue his routine work.  In contrary to this, the individual is to be hospitalized to go through the different stages of Rasayana karma in Kutipraveshik Variety.  The Achara Rasayana (good code of conduct) gives the desired effect of Rasayana and helps in preventing the psychological disorders.