Constitutional Approach

In Ayurveda, the biological constitution or the genetic make up of an individual, which remains constant throughout one’s life is called Prakruthi. The Prakruthi of an individual manifests as the physical attributes and physiological and psychological responses. In nature, we see a great deal of diversity in the features, behaviour, abilities, attitudes, tastes, etc. among humans. Even identical twins are not similar in all respects! What is it that makes an individual unique in his or her own way and hence distinctly different from the others? It is the constitution. The way we are, the way we behave, the way our body reacts to certain things - all these are to great extent influenced by our ‘constitution’ - call it biological constitution, genetic constitution or ‘Prakruthi’.


The physician analyses the individual’s Prakruthi which is used as a diagnostic tool to understand the course of the disease and also the prognosis. This is because, bringing back the individual to his state of equilibrium of doshas (“prakruthisthapanam”) is the aim of the treatment. It also helps to decide appropriate medicines, its dosage, food and regimen for the patient. Restorative treatment or Panchakarma treatment has to be properly adopted according to the constitution in an appropriate season.