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13. 01. 18
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An abundance of knowledge and a passion for Ayurvedic healthy living has come together to deliver the ultimate Ayurveda Sanctuary experience. The Ayurveda Sanctuary is an extended expression founded by Dr. Sreedhar Rao with a commitment for Ayurveda and his desire to serve and inspire others. Dr. Rao has been teaching and practicing this life science globally from past 20 years.


What we offer

Ayurveda Sanctuary is a Proprietary firm owned by Dr. Sreedhar Rao. It is originally established as an International brand in 1998 and Ayurveda treatment centres have since been set up and run by Dr. Rao, a highly qualified and internationally experienced Ayurveda medical professional who has been offering authentic Ayurveda services in India(Kerala, Karnataka, Delhi), Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, France, England, New Zealand, South Africa, Malayasia and South Korea to spread his healing touch and professional management.